Green Witch Recordings offers custom tailored music services for artists both on and off our roster. Our goal is to create a community that enables artists to progress in their musical endeavors, while maintaining their independent spirit and creative control over their art. 

Our services include public relations and artist branding, bio editing, media pitching, online promotion, radio, television, and new media support. 

We also offer tour support and booking services, such as concise tour planning, budgeting and accounting, poster design, and leveraging our vast network of artists, promoters, and venues. 

We are more than happy to discuss other aspects of our clients’ careers such as sync licensing opportunities, distribution, choosing a performance rights organization, management, or any other topic that affects artists. 

Rates of services are determined based on the extent of the promotion and must be paid upfront. 

Please email us with a description of services desired, and we will put together a plan of action based on your needs.